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New Digs!

I am so very very VERY excited to share the next big step for Fierce Mama Fitness: a new studio! Last month I officially transitioned all of my clients to our new space, which also happens to be the bottom floor of my house. I will resist the urge to crack jokes about my commute, because otherwise you’ll want to punch me in the face.

(Local moms, we’re in Farragut, very nearly in Lenoir City.)

Anyway, c’mon in for a virtual tour! Make sure you stick around for the whole post, because the best part is at the bottom.


Is this not THE cutest kettlebell you’ve ever seen in your life? My clients gave this to me as a studio-warming present, and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a better use for a 3D printer. With fake succulents, because my track record with plants is….not good.

MOVING RIGHT ALONG. This is the entry way that houses everybody’s notebooks, pens, and a desk calendar that’s already out of date. Since our launch date my house has become an impromptu trading post, and it’s not usual to find all kinds of random things in those cubbies. Most random: a bag of pasta in my fridge that one mom was giving to another.


This is, obviously, the workout area. With careful planning we can have four moms at a time for our small group classes, which is AWESOME. I adore being able to focus 100% on just a few clients, rather than trying to have eyes on eight or ten people at the same time.


WHY YES THIS WALL IS VERY PINK. I had free rein to paint and decorate as I saw fit, so naturally almost everything is pink. My husband even helped me to spray paint the dumbbells.

Most gym spaces are very clearly designed by dudes, and that’s fine. But in my house and my gym, I wanted to do things my way, so I’m trying my very best to make everything about it comfortable, welcoming, and non-anxiety inducing. That’s why you’ll never see an “inspirational” poster of me baring my six-pack, first of all because I don’t have one, and second of all, good god. Has that EVER motivated anyone to work harder? I mean, maybe. But that’s not how we roll.


Instead we have prints of doughnuts and pineapples and a feminist bucket 😂 More feminist art to come!


We have a private bathroom right off the workout room that’s stocked with really nice smelling hand soap, spray deodorant and dry shampoo, flushable wipes, a squatty potty, soft toilet paper and clean hand towels, and, as soon as I get to Target, hair ties and bobby pins and feminine hygiene products. All in a treasure chest, because why not?


And here’s the best part: the kids’ room! Yes, that’s right. The kids have a whole room that is within mom’s line-of-sight the entire time, stocked with toys and games and a TV with netflix, a changing table for the little ones, and a baby gate to keep everyone safely contained while everyone is working out. We affectionally call it “the cage.” Non-mobile babies can still hang out on a blanket or in a carseat or bouncer in the main room with mom.


So that’s the news! If you’re in the West Knoxville area and you’re looking for something with a personal touch, come check us out. You can schedule a free consultation with me so you can see the studio and we can chat about your goals and how Fierce Mama Fitness can help you here:

Alexis Helmrath