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Why Choose Fierce Mama Fitness?


Why choose fierce mama fitness?

Excellent question! With so many local gym options as well as free YouTube workout videos, why choose us? I’m so glad you asked!

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Kid-friendly (really!)

A changing table for the little ones, toys and books for the toddler and preschool set, a TV with kids’ shows on Netflix — all within your line of sight while you work out. The workout area opens right up to the kids’ room (with an optional gate for especially rowdy days), so your kids are entertained while you sweat. Non-mobile babies are also welcome to chill in their stroller, car seat, or on a blanket right next to you while you work out. Click here to take a photo tour of our studio!


If I had a dollar for every potential client that meets with me and says, “I’m really motivated and excellent at planning and doing workouts on my own at home; I’m good in that department,” I would have exactly…carry the one…zero dollars. Every mom struggles with accountability.

We don’t even have time to drink an entire cup of coffee in one go; how on earth are we supposed to find the time to fit in a workout? Let me help with that. I plan all the workouts ahead of time, taking into consideration everyone’s specific considerations — pregnancy, pelvic floor issues, joint pain, prior injuries or surgery, etc. — and teach you everything you need to know to be successful. I keep a watchful, experienced eye on you to help you with your form, and I answer and and all questions you have. What do you have to do?

Show up.

That’s literally it. I’m rooting for your success and do everything possible to make your experience positive, welcoming, appropriately challenging, and fun. You get here; I’ll take care of the rest.






Have you ever been in a store or at a restaurant when your baby suddenly starts fussing, and you feel like the whole world is giving you dirty looks? Yeah, me too. You will NEVER get that at Fierce Mama Fitness. We’ve been through it all — diaper blowouts, tantrums, hungry babies, kids sobbing because their breakfast toast was “too toasty.”* We all know that some days you win the good behavior/baby-sleeps-the-whole-class lottery, and some days you end up doing squats with a red-faced screaming child strapped to your chest. It’s all good.

Being a mom, especially one to a small baby, can feel so isolating and it can be really hard to make friends. The friendships that I’ve seen blossom in the rest between sets, in our private Facebook group, and over a beer or glass of wine at one of our semi-regular Moms Nights Out are absolutely amazing. We get it and we are here for you.

*That would be my kid.




You know that you probably should do strength training. You’ve read somewhere that there are a lot of benefits, but it seems kind of intimidating and is it really that much better than just hopping on the treadmill for 45 minutes?

YES. #notbiased

Here are just some of the amazing feats our members have accomplished since they unleashed their inner Fierce Mama:

  • Carry their off-the-growth-charts child without any back pain.

  • Toss forty-pound bags of sandbox sand over a fence to save walking around the entire house.

  • Blowdrying and curling their hair without their arms getting tired.

  • Dragging an extremely heavy Christmas tree box up to the attic without the help of her husband.

  • Run and jump without leaking.

  • Unloading an entire truck of horse feed by herself.

  • Your accomplishment here!

Let’s add your feat of strength to the list. Schedule your free consultation today!