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fiercely feminist fitness

Serving up smart, supportive workouts with a side helping of patriarchy-smashing awesomeness.

No diets. No weight loss challenges. No body shaming. Group strength and conditioning classes and personal training for moms of all levels. 

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Personal training. Group fitness with a personalized approach. Education about everything we should have been taught about pregnancy, birth, the pelvic floor, and how it all intersects with exercise. Baby wrangling while you workout!

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What Is Feminist Fitness?

Body-positive. Welcoming of all ages, races, faiths, nationalities, and all members of the LGBTQ community. Committed to empowering and educating moms about critically neglected aspects of women's health and fitness. Smashing stereotypes one deadlift at a time. 

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Weekly(ish) Dispatches

Check out the Fierce Mama Fitness blog for musings about motherhood, feminism and fitness, and why early 2000s pop music is the absolute best for workout playlists. 

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Hi there!

I'm Alexis, certified personal trainer and funfetti cake aficionado. What lights me up? Deadlifting. Baby belly laughs. The look on someone's face when they smash their PR. Educating moms about their pelvic floor (yes, really). Click here to read more about my story and Fierce Mama Fitness!

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Not your average fitness class.

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