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Why Choose Fierce Mama Fitness?


The Fierce Mama fitness Promise

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You'll never find any cleanses or supplements here. No wraps, skinny teas, or crash diets. No body shaming. No weight loss challenges. Ever. If, however you're tired of diet culture and the thought of seeing another "sweat is fat crying" fitspo image on Pinterest makes you want to Hulk-smash things, come give us a try.

We are a community of strong, supportive moms who lift each other up, cheer for each other, and believe whole-heartedly that it's ok to eat cupcakes.

Keep scrolling to learn more about the Fierce Mama mission, philosophy, and our classes.

Our mission

To provide safe, effective, and fun workouts for moms! Educating moms about the changes our bodies go through during pregnancy and after having a baby is critical, as well as how exercise selection can help or hinder our recovery.


We strive to create a community of moms focused on healthy habits, and to raise awareness of the pelvic floor and bring into the open conversations about incontinence, prolapse, and other pelvic floor dysfunctions.


Our Philosophy

You will never get your body back after having a baby, because it never went anywhere! What you CAN do is move forward, right from where you are, with prenatal and postpartum workouts that prepare you for birth and help you build new strength after the baby is here.


Being a mom is a very physical job. Your exercise routine should enable you to lift kids and carseats, carry groceries, and chase a breakaway toddler with confidence and without pain. We focus on big movements: squatting, pushing, pulling, and carrying, just to name a few, to make fitness both fun and functional.


Our classes

We welcome moms of all fitness backgrounds and ability levels, whether you’re a lifelong athlete or if, like me, high school gym class made you want to hide under the bleachers. Every workout we do can be modified for any level. We check for diastasis recti and show you how to do it yourself, both so we can tailor our classes appropriately and so you can measure your progress as you get stronger.


Pregnancy changes your body forever — and that’s not a bad thing! An essential component of our programs is education about the postpartum body and how to choose exercises and activities that make you stronger, rather than make diastasis recti (ab separation) worse, or cause you to leak.