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Personal Training


personal training


Workouts tailored to your specific needs, one-on-one with my undivided attention. Kids welcome! 

Personal training is a great option for moms who:

  • Are very early postpartum and looking to get some extra core and pelvic floor help before joining group classes.
  • Have specific programming needs due to pelvic organ prolapse, surgery, previous injuries, etc (please note that you must be cleared by your doctor or physical therapist in these cases).
  • Prefer working out alone rather than in a group.
  • Have crazy schedules and can’t make it to our regular group class times.
  • Want a more personalized training experience!

I currently have a handful of personal training time slots available for moms looking to work out with me either two or three days per week.

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Want more information, or to schedule your free FITSTART session to see if personal training would be a good fit for you? Send me a message!