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Stroller Strong
Core Fundamentals

Stroller Strong Schedule

10:00 - 11:00 a.m.

7:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Unlimited Training Systems
202 Sherlake Ln
Knoxville, TN


How does an assessment work?

Before tossing you into a full Stroller Strong class, we do a private introduction to the class just for you. This is a chance for me to do an assessment, check for any ab separation you might have, and go over some Stroller Strong basics that will help get you up to speed for your first class. We'll spend some time talking about our programs, what you can expect from a full class, and what your goals are.

Did you start to sweat at the word "assessment?" Take a deep breath! An assessment is not the same as a test. I won't make you run a mile, do a sit-up test, or anything else you remember from your nightmares of high school gym class. An assessment is just a way for me to see where you're at, because everyone starts somewhere. This helps me choose the best warmups, exercises, and mobility drills for everyone.

If after your intro class you think Stroller Strong would be a good fit for you (and I hope you do!) you'll now be ready to jump right in!

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Please plan on 30-45 minutes for your assessment and intro class. Kids are welcome!

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