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Stroller Strong

Stroller Strong

Mom- and kid-friendly strength and conditioning fitness classes.

Quick, what’s the hardest part about fitting in your workout?
Answer: Figuring out what to do with your kids.

The struggle is real.

Right? Either they’re “helping” with your at-home workout, which means it takes 8 hours to complete a 20-minute video, or you drop them off in gym childcare and PRAY they keep it together long enough for you to get in and get out.

The solution is Stroller Strong.

We have two great options: a morning class where the kiddos tag along, and a brand new evening class for the moms who work during the day or would just prefer to leave bedtime duties to their partner. Keep reading for more information!

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Who is it for?

  • Moms with kids of any age.

  • Moms in any stage of their pregnancy.

  • All ability levels.

  • All body types.

  • Anyone looking for a welcoming, un-intimidating fitness community.

What to expect and what to bring

Workouts are fun and challenging for all fitness levels. I don’t write one-size-fits-all workouts; every exercise is tailored to your ability level, injury history, and even how you feel that day.

I take the time to teach you any new movement, exercise, or equipment so you can do it safely and sustainably. Many of the moms at Stroller Strong have no prior experience with lifting weights, and that’s great! I love introducing people to the wonders of strength training. More experienced lifters will also find a home with us, and we’ll work together to make sure the workouts are scaled to your level.

Pelvic floor considerations are a key component of Stroller Strong. We incorporate core and pelvic floor exercises and education into our workouts so we can make smart, informed decisions about how we exercise.

For the morning classes: 

All young children (4 years and younger) must sit in a stroller during class for safety reasons. Older kids are welcome to workout with us, or sit with a book or other activity. Bring a bottle of water for you, and lots of snacks for your little ones!

The stroller is only necessary for child containment and is not required for the workout. Any stroller (umbrella, jogger, with carseat attachment, etc) is fine!

For the evening classes:

All you need is your water bottle and your game face!

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Stroller Strong class Schedule

9:00 - 10:00 a.m.
10:00 - 11:00 a.m.

7:00 - 8:00 p.m.

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202 Sherlake Ln
Knoxville, TN



Stroller Strong
from 15.00

Kind Words

I look forward to going, it feels great, it’s challenging but not at all intimidating, and I love that I can bring my son and let him see his momma get stronger.
— Julie
For me this has been a wonderful alternative to a traditional gym setting because I don’t have to worry about leaving my child, it’s more motivating to workout with other moms and the exercises are always new, and it’s cheaper than other gyms. Win, win, win.
— Jessica
I look forward to every workout and I LOVE our camaraderie! I fully recommend joining us if you want to see how strong you really are too!
— Candice

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