client testimonials

I look forward to going, it feels great, it’s challenging but not at all intimidating, and I love that I can bring my son and let him see his momma get stronger. -- Julie C.


For me this has been a wonderful alternative to a traditional gym setting because I don’t have to worry about leaving my child, it’s more motivating to workout with other moms and the exercises are always new, and it’s cheaper than other gyms. Win, win, win.

Jessica P.


I am lifting more weight than I thought possible, I have more endurance than I could have imagined, and I feel so much healthier! Not only am I doing amazing in the gym, but this strength has translated to outside the gym too. For example, I can hike 5 miles with my 25lb toddler on my back and not need to catch my breath. I can also carry that same toddler with one arm up stairs while he fights me to get down and not even fear dropping him. I look forward to every workout and I LOVE our camaraderie! I fully recommend joining us if you want to see how strong you really are too!

Candice J.

This class was awesome! I recommend it for all soon to be moms, new moms, and not so new moms. I took the class when my youngest was 2 years old. I wish I had taken it sooner. Alexis provided so much useful information about health and exercise that is invaluable! This class can change the quality of your life - especially if you are having pelvic floor issues! Check it out!

Shane C.

As a former personal trainer with a degree in exercise science, I'm always skeptical of fitness trainers who claim to specialize in postpartum. After talking to Alexis about her training and approach, I can say that she has really done her research and knows not only how to help new moms exercise safely, but also how to target typical weaknesses and issues in the postpartum period and help moms improve their function. I cannot recommend Fierce Mama Fitness enough!

Molly L.

About to have my second child and this time around, it is so great to work with someone who knows what my body is going through and what to look for in the process.  I am so excited to have awesome Alexis and through her, a plan for being the post-partum athlete I know I can be!

Babs D.

The education she imparts is not only sound but is stuff I was surprised my ob/gyn didn't share with me! My new best friend, my pelvic floor, is bringing benefits to many aspects of my life besides an attractive new tone to my abdominal muscles!

Jennifer D.